Big Condo Records is an independent record label based in Liverpool, established in 2015

''When words fail, music speaks''

We have a passion to develop artists and bands.


We love music!

Big Condo Records is an independent record label based in Liverpool, established in 2015. The label started with hiphop and soul artists then moved into r & b and acoustic, pop music and indie. We currently speacialise in all genres. We love music and the artists. Big Condo Records have put on over 400 shows in the northwest and the uk, also touring regular and putting on some major headlines, releasing music and supporting artists and bands.

Big Condo Records thrives to be as big as Atlantic Records and has seen dramatic growth over the past 5 years. As Big Condo continues to break its own records and developments every year. We can't wait to see Big Condo in 10 years time.  If you are an artist or band and you're looking to get involved with Big Condo Records contact us through our contact form  and we will gladly help you out.

Latest News

Emily Callacher signs deal with the label.

We are really excited to welcome indie country rock, pop acoustic artist Emily Callacher to the record label, she is excited and ready to work on her new ep.

Sophie Li Joins the Big Condo Roster

We are really excited to welcome pop rock indie artist Sophi Li to Big Condo Records, Sophi has a new single out on the 16th July.

Send your demo's now 

We are accepting demo's for the next couple of months.

If you would like to send your demo, please send to management@bigcondo.co.uk

Join the roster!!!

Happy 5th year birthday to Big Condo Records.

Major celebrations as Big Condo Records turns 5 years old.

Covid 19 has stalled the big celebrations but we celebrating anyway.

Headline events 

We create history 

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