30/04/2016 Big Condo Records hosts its first acoustic sessions at bar Ameriesko on Bold Street, Liverpool with a succesful night of live performances from Danny Boyle, Alan Triggs, Shea Doolin, Owen Allen, Lauren Heaps, Matthew Phillips & Big Condo's own Shorty.

The night kicked off at 7pm with the firs performance. You can watch all the live performances here ( Click link ).

The venue was packed and all the gig goers left happy and said it was a real good show. keep updated for future acoustic events follow Big Condo Records on twitter @bigcondorecords .

25/04/2016 Big Condo Records release Eminem Effect by Royzy on Itunes. The song has already been on 100's of stations and the video about on all blogs, the songs featured on CMBR Radio, The Quinn Show, Royal Thieves Radio, Urban socialite, I Music Radio, Beats Radio, Lucky sky Radio and Chubbtop Radio from the UK to Canada and even Africa aswell as blogs and magazines like Extorted Magazine, Hooked Up B, Untouchable Magazine and 2 High Media, AMN Global, Crookes Magazine and Hiphop Relevant to name a few so go on itunes and purchase now.

16/03/2016 Royzy Rothschild Eminem Effect single launch party is on the 26th march 2016 at Soul Bar & Cafe  on 114 bold street, Liverpool.

The night starts at 6pm and finnishes at 11pm with performances from Leogical, RXY Forever, Rosh, Fortune, FMK & Junior Thompson, Cash Pound Notes, Suspect &Beatboy. The DJ on the Night is Dj Espo spinning all the latest hiphop and R & B. The Single Eminem effect will be available only on on the releases page. Go follow Royzy on twitter @RoyzyRothschild to stay up to date with everything he is upto and all latest events.

14/03/2016 Miss Stylie releases Shake That Ass featuring Dxxx world wide and she has drummed up a massive respect with radio and magazines internationally, Currently spinning on Hideous Radio (Texas), Track Open Magazine (Africa), Ven Rap Radio (Africa), LGBT Underground (London), Cashback Mafia (France), Street Link Radio (Philadelphia), Hooked Up B Magazine (Canada), Level One Radio (NewYork) Indie Live Radio (New Jersey) The Tizio (UK), Bombay West (Cincinnati) Xmghiphop Mag (Dallas,Texas) Video City (NewYork) as well as a feature on Hot New Artists!!...


01/03/2016 Link Up TV feature Royzy Rothschild's Champagne on there blog with a small write up. Click on the link to go through to the website. ( Click Here)

Royzy Rothschild is back with a sinister party anthem in ‘Champagne‘. Here Royzy discusses the success, tackling the subject from various angles with an occasional wry jadedness.

29/02/2016 Miss Stylies single Shake That Ass ft Dxxx was released on the 20th February 2016 on all digital platforms, Itunes, Amazon etc. 14th Feb seen the start of the liverpool radio tour with an interview and play of the song on BBC Radio Merseyside with Interviews and freestyles on DJ 2 Kinds streat beats show on 7 waves radio and 2 hour exclusive interview and play on Looprevil Radio as well as rotation on KCC Live and placing 15th on the Liverpool Round sound radio chart sponsord by the mersey gig guide. Music Video coming soon .

09/02/2016 Miss Stylie's Single Launch Party for (Shake That Ass ft DXXX) is on the 19th Febuary 2016 in 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool, L1 and the tickets are £6. The night starts at 6pm and finnishes at 11pm and we have live Performances on the night from Evila, Geno
Daryl Wafer, Donell, Lozinky, Cash Pound Notes, Royzy, Zac Jones, Waz & D.E.V, DTerence, Shorty & Shannon, Felcon, Owen Allen.

Dj on the Night is Big Condo's own Dj Joey Espo spinning all the latest and newest hiphop  and R & B.
The Single SHAKE THAT ASS ft DXXX is available on Itunes and all digital stores worldwide on the 20th feb 2016 and we will have signed hard copys on the night on the 19th too you can contact any of the artists to get a ticket or go to or @bigcondorecords on twitter. Follow Miss stylie on Twitter @officialstylie and stay up to date.

20/02/2016 Whatis Hiphop Blog feature Miss Stylie on there blog as they came out to watch her smash the single launch party to bits ( click link to go to blog)

04/02/2016 Hooked Up B Magazine in Canada feature Royzy Rothschild on there front cover and do an article on the Dj 2 Kind Presents Mersey 2 Jersey Ft Royzy Rothschild, Rich Quick, D Boii, Rosh, Felcon & Junior Thompson with production from the veteran producer Dr G. 


The image was taken by liverpool photographer William Clark Photography.


The Mersey 2 Jersey Compilation consists of 3 songs that were recorded and engineered at Elevator Studios by Kof.

The Track list is Royzy Rothschild ft Rich quick ( Snow Tyres) and Rosh, Felcon Ft rich Quick (Save The World) and Dboii, Junior Thompson ft Rich Quick ( (My Way), The compilation is available on Itunes and all digital stores World Wide. Click the libk to go purchase (MERSEY 2 JERSEY)


You Can watch the Snow Tyres music video ft Rich Quick and Royzy on the Hooked Up B Magazine official blog and you can also see the review that the magazine has given the Dj 2 Kind Mersey 2 Jersey Project click the link to go to the (HOOKEDUPBMAGAZINE) 

04/01/2015 Jamsterdam Radio (Canada) names its top 5 rap artists to look out for  in 2016 and  Big condos own Royzy Rothschild is names No.2  (Jamsterdam top 5) Click Link.

01/01/2015 The first day of 2016 see's Big Condo's first release of the year, DJ 2 Kind Presents Mersey 2 Jersey with Philadelphia's own Rich Quick and Liverpool rapper Royzy Rothschild and Rosh as well as Atl star D-boii and Wirral rappers, Felcon, Junior Thompson with production from hiphop legend Dr G. The project was brought together by Dj 2 Kind when he found out Rich Quick was on tour in the uk. The mixtape is available on Itunes and all digital formats worldwide.

23/12/2015 Royzy Rothschild releases Love ye Like tha produced by Ferrer Jones off An Only Child LP Distributed world wide on the Big Condo Label, Currently spinning on , WJR Radio (USA), EMG Radio (Atlanta), Indie live Radio (California), (USA), MMM Radio (Canada) KompaLa Kay Radio(USA), Birmingham Sports Radio (Birmingham), Baltimore Fm (baltimore , USA) WNSR Radio (Miami), Indie Authority(USA),  VenRap Radio( Africa), Freesami (Nigeria), (NewYork) Roundsound Radio and many More.


18/12/2015 Miss Stylie supports california's own Tyga in Omnia, Liverpool. Miss Stylie smashed her performance on the night and performed 2 exclusive first time listens to her new singles to drop on the big condo label, She performed ''Shake That Ass'' which features fellow label Artist Dxxx and she also performed ''Like I Know You Wanna'' which features LA also on the label. Miss Stylie turned up and rocked the crowd and was a favourite on the night so stay tuned for more.

13/12/2015 Cash Pound Notes releases Trappin produced by Vex Blazer, Distributed world wide on the Big Condo Label, Playing on stations all over the world. Staions to break the tune are, Air It Out Radio (Philidelphia), EMG Radio (Atlanta), Royal Thieves Radio (Hollywood), Underground Radio(Newyork), London Le Blanc Magazine (UK) Biz Zar Radio(USA), Birmingham Sports Radio (Birmingham), Hooked Up Magazine (USA) WNSR Radio (Miami), Music Money Mixtapes (Canada), The Night Shot Radio ( Atlanta), Freesami (Nigeria), Hideous Radio (NewYork) Indie Radio Network and many More.


30/11/2015 Royzy Rothschild releases Duck Out Of Water produced by FMK which is available world wide and its off his album An Only Child LP, Playing on a number of stations world wide as well as local stations currently on Track University (Texas), Accelarated Radio (Florida), Urban Hollywood (Hollywood), MMM Radio (Canada), Music Money, Hot New Artists Blog (USA), Hooked Up Magazine (USA), Indie Live Music (Miami) The kronox Blog (California), The After Party Radio, Royal Thieves Radio, Broken Circle Blog (USA), Jamsterdam Radio (Canada), 

The Indie Spot ( LA), DJ SMITTY Level One Radio (NewYork), We Want In Hiphop Blog (NewYork) and many More.


02/10/2015 Royzy Rothschild releases yet another single, This one is called RUNNING feat Emocean which is available world wide and its off his recent album An Only Child LP its currently spinning on a number of different radio stations world wide as well as being blogged by EEZ MEDIA in the USA and Cash Back Mafia in France, Paris and south America Panamanian Radio. Azur Magazine have articled the video. Stay updated with Royzy at


23/09/2015 We Always Have A Choice by Illustrait feat Ca$his is featured on the scottish hiphop blog. (click link to go to Blog)


07/09/2015 Royzy Rothschild is fast becoming one of the hardest working rappers in the Liverpool hip hop scene. With his Big Condo record label putting on a slew of artists, helping define the emerging sound. Royzy brings a host of Big Condo artists with him for the summery ‘Cupid To Catch Ye‘. With verses from Miss Stylie, lozinky and CPN over an solid but light instrumental by Vex Blazer, Royzy and the Big Condo gang have another hit on their hands.  (Click Pic to go to Blog. )


08/09/2015 Big Condo Records release there 2nd single called We Alway's Have A Choice feat. Illustrait and Cashi$ which is availbale worldwide via I Tunes, Tidal, Amazon, Google and 300 plus more digital shops world wide. The single has a real commercial radio feel and is currently on rotation and being played on these radio stations. Jamsterdam Radio (Canada), WJR Radio (Australia), Texas Underground Radio(Texas), 1520 Classics Radio (Toronto), SHMU FM (USA), Accelerated Radio (New York, USA), Urban Hollywood (USA) Level One Radio (New York, USA) KBHC Radio (California), London Live Magazine, Its Available on Itunes from the 11th September. BIGCONDORECORDS


06/09/2015 Big Condo Records hits BBC Radio Merseyside for a live interview and the first play of Cupid To Catch Ye on the bbc. Vex explained where he came from and how he makes beats, Short A talked about coming from London and living in widnes and Karma Cavelli said he raps what he lives, Royzy was being a little cheeky as usual and miss stylie was promoting her new vision, Lozinky was just being her usual self. Big Thanks to BBC for having us in.



27/08/2015 The big condo team hit KCC Live Radio for a live interview with the urban heat host Mark Johnstone where the team talked about the new single Cupid To Catch Ye feat. Royzy, Miss Stylie, Lozinky and the infamous Cash Pound Notes but not all the team was present. LA Rhythm made an appearance and so did Vex Blazer as well as Short A, Royzy and Lozinky talking on future projects.



15/08/2015 Big Condo Records release there first single called Cupid To Catch Ye feat. Mi$$ Stylie, Royzy Rothschild, Lozinky and Ca$h Pound Not£s which is availbale worldwide via I Tunes, Tidal, Amazon, Google and 300 plus more digital shops world wide. The single has a real commercial radio feel and is currently on rotation and being played on these radio stations.

Jamsterdam Radio (Canada), Maximum Fm (Toronto), Big One Radio (New York), WJR Radio (Australia), 81 Hiphop Radio (Cleveland, Ohio), VenRap Radio (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Gabbie Cabbie Show (Birmingham, UK) Sports Radio (England, UK), 1520 Classics Radio (Toronto), Wind C Radio (Washington DC), Big Life Radio 97.9fm (Georgia, USA), One Stoppers Radio (UK) One Stop Radio (Surrey, UK) Tha Indie Spot (California), Kcc Live (Liverpool,UK) BBC RADIO (Merseyside, UK). to sample song click link.CUPID TO CATCH YE Available on Itunes from the 4th September. BIGCONDORECORDS


14/08/2015 Hushush Media Review Single Cupid to Catch Ye, Here is what they had to say (Click Here)

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio
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